Zoe Devlin is an experienced songwriter, musician, producer, and performer who has worked in the industry for 14years.

Here are just a few of the names she has worked with( and she is still in her 20’s)...:

The Alabama3- for 7 years writing and performing from the age of 17.

The Trojans – Gaz Mayall’s ska band.

Prince Buster- pioneer of Jamaican Ska Music at just 14 years old.

Iron Maidens guitarist in ‘VoodooSix’s album.

Zodiac Mindwarp and The Love reaction.

The Qemists- Co-wrote a song that got on Radio1 Playlist, and secured a number1 in Japan, on both single and album charts. Also achieved a sync deal with the song on ‘BLUR’ the computer game.

Ronnie Scotts All Stars, led by James Pearson, who recorded her live album over four live dates at the famous Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club main room.

Matt Dairy, writing dance music and pop songs pitched to Britney Spears, and got to a close second with her song ‘Fire’ as a single choice.

Mick Jones from The Clash various gigs…etc…

From this wealth of experience she has gained a huge musical respect in the industry for her performing and songwriting : Mark Lamarr, Lisa Stansfield, Jeff Beck, Irvine Welsh-author, Stephen King- author, David Thewlis, Noel Gallager, Robbie Williams, Gary Barlow, Mick Jones-The Clash, Ian McCulloch, Ian Brodie, Andy Wright , Prince Buster, are amongst just some of her well acclaimed fans.

Able to write and produce in many styles, she aims to keep her song writing sync deals and collaborations as a strong side-line.

Zoe’s current song writing and singing for her own album is unique, and aimed at a mainstream pop market that the strong melody lines naturally lend themselves to. Accompanying herself on guitar and piano, in their rawest form, she never fails to make her audience cry as she carries them with her on a music journey with her songs written from personal experience and struggles that she has faced. Inspired by legends like Billie Holiday, Dusty Springfield, Burt Bacharach, and vintage sounds of the 50’s and 60’s, with a Jazz upbringing, there is a unique and infectious honesty about her songs, and every time Zoe performs she bears her soul without fail.

‘Take That star Gary Barlow raves: “Zoe something so retro, you made it sound really contemporary. …Great!”-following X factor performance of ‘God bless the child’ Billie Holiday ‘a pocket sized diva, with a voice like a 10k rig’ The Guardian reviewing Alabama3’ Robbie was a big fan though and added: “I really liked the performance, she is definitely interesting. I’m sure I would have had a crush on her at school.” Robbie Williams

‘I've known Zoe for ages & she never fails to amaze. She has a real sense of style & is an amazing writer.’ Lisa Stansfield.

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